Lori Albert-Walker is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has practiced in the Atlanta area for 25 years. Lori has a great passion for young people and their families who may be impacted by substance use or other psychiatric illnesses. Lori began her professional and spiritual journey in Florida working with children, adolescents and families in a long term residential facility called the Grant Center. She developed her skill set both in the Miami location where she was part of a clinical team as well as helping open a new location in Ocala as a Staff Development Specialist. Lori received her MSW degree from Florida State University where she worked with Vietnam Veterans and their families.

Upon arriving in Atlanta, Lori connected with Ridgeview Institute and has been there for 25 years. Lori has great intuition and an uncanny ability to understand the individual and the dynamics within the family system and how to help all family members move through challenges they face due to strong co-occurring illnesses. Lori has received training in family therapy utilizing several approaches which help families understand the process of change related to navigating life stages. She specializes in helping young people launch and families learn how to let go. Lori utilized her singing and songwriting talents in the clinical setting-always thinking outside the box for ways to reach people. She helped develop, coordinate and implement the Young Adult Addiction, Eating Disorder-Dual and Psychiatric Programs. She feels strongly that the best chance for success for any person’s growth is to provide education and healing opportunities for the family members. Lori facilitates therapy and support groups for families and individuals to help all family members get well. She enjoys facilitating long-term aftercare groups for Recovering Professionals who have suffered from both substance use and psychiatric illness.

She has presented nationally on treatment for addiction, eating disorders, mood disorders and psychosis related to all populations. She has also worked with individuals dealing with anxiety, social anxiety, Asperger’s, anger, trauma, and co-dependency.

Lori has always been easy to connect with and has great respect for anyone with the courage to work through their struggles. Through individual, couples, group and family therapy, Lori is honored to join people on their journey in exploring ways to recognize their strengths, challenge their beliefs and distorted thinking styles, and experiment with new coping and communication skills.

If you are interested in taking the next step please contact Lori @ 470-240-1448.