Therapy for Adolescents, Adults, Parents, Families, and Couples

LGBTQ, Life Transition, Illness & Disability, Aging, Adoption, Trauma, Stress & Anxiety, Depression, Military, Parenting

I believe an empathic, warm, and non-judgmental approach fosters healing and that people are inherently good. We all have within us the ability to live a meaningful life and we sometimes need assistance to tap into that wellspring of human potential. This is where the collaboration between client and counselor helps. 

Specialty Areas

I have a passion for assisting youth, with a particular interest in helping LGBTQ youth and their families navigate social and emotional challenges. Within this framework I assist families having difficulties reconciling their child’s LGBTQ identification, whether for religious reasons or otherwise.

Additionally, I work with tweens/teens who are involved in self-harm and/or experiencing thoughts of suicide. 

I am trained as a Clinical Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC) to work with individuals experiencing chronic illness or disability and their families to guide them through adaptation.  

Within the rehabilitation skillset, I work with older clients facing aging issues and I understand talking openly of depression and anxiety may be new for them. 

I have experience working within the adoption triad and presenting at adoption conferences. My work includes parents, children, and birth mothers, either individually or as a group, prior to, during, or years after the adoption.

Changes, whether expected or unexpected, can lead to stress. This may also include trauma, which happens in many ways and in many lives. My goal is to support clients in making choices that create a meaningful life following transition, and to work through past trauma to prevent it from interfering in the present.


My approach to mental health is to incorporate mind, body, emotion, and spirit. I’ve studied ayurvedic wellness at Tanman Ayurvedic Research Centre in India where I learned how to incorporate Eastern traditions with Western medical practices to bring out the best in human potential. 

Complimentary 10-minute phone session available to learn more. 

To schedule an appointment, please call or text 770-313-1615.

Education, Licensure, Certification 

M.S., Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling, Georgia State University

B.S., Bachelor of Social Work, Brigham Young University

Associate Professional Counselor (APC)

National Board-Certified Counselor (NCC)

Clinical Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC)

ASIST Suicide Intervention Certified

I work under the direction of Ephrat Lipton, LCSW and under the supervision of Annie Kelahan, LPC, ACS, A.T.R BC.